Ana Gasteyer: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

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Ana Gasteyer: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me
Ana Gasteyer Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ana Gasteyer, who stars in Netflix’s Wine Country, cracks Us up. Read on to learn 25 things about the Saturday Night Live alum, 52, including her love for loyalty programs and favorite dish to cook, and why she always gets in trouble with her family on game nights.

1. I recorded a Christmas album! Sugar and Booze heads your way this fall.

2. I wrote the album’s delightful title track as an homage to my favorite things about the holidays.

3. I’ve toured my act of jazz standards for 10 years. It’s happy jazz — jazz to drink to. Not in a sad way, in a jolly way. Mocktails are included.

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4. I’m legally blind in my right eye.

5. Perhaps this is why my first standout role in a play was Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker [in middle school].

6. I also wore an eye patch for much of my early childhood.

7. That may be why I became a comedian.

8. [I earned] my first professional paycheck as the child ghost in Verdi’s Macbeth and in the Children’s Chorus of La Bohème at the Washington Opera when I was 14.

9. My first TV gig was in the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld [in 1995].

10. I played the violin. For years.

11. I still play the violin in my jazz act because that’s the only place my family allows me to play, and because I find it amusing.

12. I’m a deeply committed member of loyalty programs. Nothing makes me happier than my free birthday drink at Starbucks [on May 4].

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Ana Gasteyer: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me
Ana Gasteyer with cast-mates in ‘Wine Country.’ Colleen Hayes/Netflix

13. Not to brag, but I also hit what I call “crockstar” status at Hale and Hearty Soups here in NYC.

14. I flew my entire family to Europe for Christmas using airline points. It took three entire business days to figure it out, but it was worth it.

15. Me gusta estudiar español con la aplicación Duolingo. Hola, amigos.

16. I learned to ride a bike as a kid, then forgot, contrary to the adage, “You never forget how to ride a bike.” I learned again in my 30s.

17. My favorite spices to cook with are cinnamon and smoked paprika.

18. The two greatest compliments to my success are how often my name appears in a crossword, and the fact that a rescue dog that was up for adoption was given my name.

19. I taught myself to make linguini and clams when I was on Saturday Night Live, and now it’s my picky son’s favorite food.

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20. I love cherry blossoms on trees and lilacs in my house.

21. I love game nights, but I get in trouble for talking too much.

22. I try to read 12 books per summer and often fail.

23. I have a lot of hair and never use extensions.

24. I’ve gone to Ikea for my birthday twice. It fills me with joy.

25. I can drive a stick shift and still quietly judge men who don’t know how.