Eva Marcille Accuses Marlo Hampton of ‘Gay Bashing’: It’s ‘Disgusting’

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Calling her out. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille and Marlo Hampton, who plays a friend to the housewives, have bumped heads multiple times on the show, but the America’s Next Top Model winner has had it with Hampton bashing her for one issue in particular: her sexuality.

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“I’ve never met someone that is so consumed with what I drive, where I live, who I dated. It’s quite appalling, to be completely honest, and disgusting in certain regards,” she tells Us Weekly exclusively. “This whole idea of her bringing this up, never nipped it in the bud with her, but her gay bashing is disgusting. It is quite gross.”

The model, 34, continued: “I don’t understand what her problem is with people that prefer the same sex, or that are bisexual. If that is my reality or not, what does it matter to her? I don’t know if she would like to dip into more lady pools, and if that’s why she’s so inquisitive about it.”

The Eva Marcille Home designer’s sexuality was called into question on the show in February 2018, when Shamea Morton asked the TV personality if her then-boyfriend Michael Sterling, whom she married in October, was OK with her “dating women as well.”

The Young and the Restless alum responded in a Bravo aftershow video: “Let me clear this all the way up. I’ve never dated women, I never dated Missy [Elliott], I never dated any of these people, they’re my friends.”

Hampton repeated gossip about Marcille being “a full-blown lesbian in L.A.” during a March 24 episode of the show. She also talked about the reality star and Sterling, 58, being “broke.”

Marlo was walking a fine line on gay bashing IMO. She said “They say Eva is a full blown lesbian in LA! Full blown Lesbian and has girlfriends there!!” as if there is some negative connotation with being a lesbian? I wasn’t feeling that comment.

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The businesswoman defended discussing the actress’ personal business in an Instagram post following backlash. “I stated what the streets was saying, just like these girls have done to me for the last 6 years,” she wrote.

While Marcille tells Us she is strong enough to deal with any jabs Hampton may throw her way, she takes issue with the negative connotation she feels the entrepreneur, 43, gives the term “queer.”

“What I don’t like is the fact that she makes queer seem bad,” she says. “I don’t like it because you have people that are not as strong as I am, or not as comfortable in their skin, or that are a little bit confused about their label or identity, that find themselves tucking their tail in between their legs and hanging their head low because they don’t know how to deal with that kind of stuff.”

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The LGBTQ advocate continues: “I feel like there has to come a point where she needs to be called out for it, and like, ‘Dude, stop, stop. You’re allowed to be.’”

Hampton responded to Marcille’s claims, telling Us, “Once again Eva is DEFLECTING from the issue. … I have never had a problem with the LGBTQ community! … I specifically pointed out Eva’s PERSONAL sexual past as told to me by three of her bridesmaids, because she was trying to hide her reality from the world.”

According to the Glam It Up nonprofit founder, she breached the topic in order to prove a point. “Last year, she was asked by Shamea during our girls trip in Barcelona had she ever been in a relationship with a woman and she DEFLECTED,” Hampton says. “I brought up her sexual orientation to prove a point that she is a liar and to hold her accountable to her truth.”

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She concluded: “So many of my friends in the LGBTQ community have shared stories with me about their fears to be their authentic selves. They look up to celebrities like Eva to lead by example. She lied to her fans, production, the network and more about her living situation and I have the valid proof to support that, which I never shared. … I want Eva to know that the LGBTQ community, her RHOA fans, and the world will still love her if she lives in her truth.”

With reporting by Travis Cronin and Brody Brown