Halsey Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors Amid Fan Speculation: 'NO'

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Fake news! Halsey shut down speculation that she might be with pregnant after she was spotted holding her stomach in an oversized T-shirt while grocery shopping with boyfriend Yungblud last week in Los Angeles.

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The “11 Minutes” singer, 24, posted a zoomed-in snap of one of the photos in question with a thinking emoji face on her Instagram Stories on Monday, April 8.

In the shots, Halsey can be seen in a dark, baggy tee and sweatpants, which she paired with two topknots secured with mismatched scrunchies.

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The pop star followed it up with several misspelled web searches of the term, beginning with one titled “Am I Pregant?”

The Grammy nominee followed it up with several more inquiries, including one that read, “Can you get pregante … ? Can you get pregante the first time you do it?”, another that read, “pregananante,” which she labeled with several question marks and another that asked, “Am I gregnant?”

She then gave a resounding answer to all: “NO.”

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It’s not the first time Halsey has denied pregnancy speculation: In February, the performer teased the “biggest secret” for fans via Twitter, which resulted in baby buzz.

“I have The Biggest Secret (unrelated to the album) and when you guys hear it, some of you are gonna explode. Into actual pieces,” she tweeted on February 18.

The “Without Me” songstress denied the rumors later that day. “People think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant,” she wrote. “Which means I’m either: a. gaining weight b. acting weirder than usual. Jokes on u, I’m doing BOTH. However STILL not pregnant!”

Still, Halsey does hope to have a family someday, something she told Marie Claire in July could happen at any time.

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“Once my tour is over, I feel like anything could happen. I could decide I want to move to Italy for a year and write. I could get pregnant,” she said at the time. “I finally have enough stability in my career where I can take a breath. I feel like I can let life happen.”

Halsey later tweeted a clarification, writing. “I could also visit the moon or relocate to a remote island. It was a hyperbole packed in a sentence full of other ‘I could’s that imply the possibilities are endless. Don’t worry the only baby I’m making is my next album!!!!!”

The Rumor Mill Begins to Churn

Photos of Halsey in her baggy ensemble had fans writing things like, “I swear Halsey looks pregnant,” and “Why Halsey pregnant.”  



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The singer toyed with fans, posting a slew of question marks above the word “pregananant.”


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The Final Word

Halsey shut the rumor mill down with just two letters.


Courtesy Halsey/Instagram