It's a Love Story! Taylor Swift's Quotes About Romance Since Dating Joe Alwyn

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With songs titled “Love Story,” “Forever & Always,” “Last Kiss” and “You Are in Love,” it is no secret that one of Taylor Swift’s favorite topics is romance. The Grammy winner has been dating British actor Joe Alwyn since 2016, and although the duo are extremely happy together, they keep the details of their relationship quiet.

“Someone’s private life is, by definition, private,” the Favourite actor told British GQ in November 2018. “No one is obliged to share their personal life.”

While Alwyn prefers not to publicly share too much information about dating the “Delicate” songstress, the pair’s pals can see how much they love each other. “Taylor’s friends are all talking about a proposal and how she really wants to marry Joe,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively in March 2019. “He’s her dream guy.”

Days later, a second insider told Us that the Boy Erased actor’s family “adores” Swift, and her parents feel the same toward him. “The two have everyone’s blessing [to get engaged],” the source gushed.

As for when the Mary Queen of Scots actor will propose? Another source revealed in December 2018 that it will likely happen “soon,” but Alwyn does not want to skimp on the details. The insider noted, “He wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special.”

Swift, for her part, is ready to say, “Yes.” A separate source explained in March 2018: “Taylor really believes Joe is the one for her. She wants to get engaged to him. She just doesn’t feel as though she has to impress anyone at this point.”

Keep scrolling to see everything the “Me!” singer has said about love since she and Alwyn first got together:

On “New Year’s Day”

Swift discussed the meaning behind her Reputation track “New Year’s Day” during an album release party. The former country singer told fans that the song was inspired by a New Year’s Eve party she and Alwyn threw in London. “Everybody talks and thinks about who you kiss at midnight … but I think there’s something even more romantic about who’s gonna deal with you on New Year’s Day. Who’s willing to give you Advil and clean up the house? I think that states more of a permanence.”

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On Meeting Someone New

Does Swift believe in love at first sight? Maybe, but she also understands the importance of getting to know a person on a deeper level. She explained in a March 2019 essay for Elle: ”Before you jump in headfirst, maybe, I don’t know … get to know someone! All that glitters isn’t gold, and first impressions actually aren’t everything. It’s impressive when someone can charm people instantly and own the room, but what I know now to be more valuable about a person is not their charming routine upon meeting them (I call it a ‘solid first 15’), but the layers of a person you discover in time. Are they honest, self-aware, and slyly funny at the moments you least expect it? Do they show up for you when you need them? Do they still love you after they’ve seen you broken? Or after they’ve walked in on you having a full conversation with your cats as if they’re people? These are things a first impression could never convey.”


On Playing Games

The Cats actress also explained how important it is to be honest with your partner. ”In a real relationship or friendship, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t tell the other person how you feel, and what could be done to fix it,” she told Elle. “No one is a mind reader. If someone really loves you, they want you to verbalize how you feel. This is real life, not chess.”


On Fights

While no one likes fighting with their significant other, sometimes rifts are necessary. “Chances are you’re not trying to hurt the person you love and they aren’t trying to hurt you,” the Grammy winner noted the same Elle essay. “If you can wind the tension of an argument down to a conversation about where the other person is coming from, there’s a greater chance you can remove the shame of losing a fight for one of you and the ego boost of the one who ‘won’ the fight. … Find a way to defuse the anger that can spiral out of control and make you lose sight of the good things you two have built. They don’t give out awards for winning the most fights in your relationship. They just give out divorce papers.”

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On How Love Made Her Evolve

The singer-songwriter described her Reputation album as being a “storyline” that began with “rebellion [and] anger” and ended with her “falling in love and realizing that you kind of settle into what your priorities are.” She explained during her album release party: “Your life changes, but you welcome it because it’s something that matters to you. And this last part of the album feels like settling into where I am now. So it started with where I was when I started making the album, and ends with, kind of, my emotional state now. And this song, I think, really reflects that probably the best on the album. And it’s called ‘Call It What You Want.’”

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On Her Song “Gorgeous”

Swift is known for being open with her fans, especially during the private listening parties she has held at her homes across the globe. During an October 2017 Secret Session, the musician told fans exactly who her song “Gorgeous” is about. “Basically Taylor made us all promise that if anyone made any accusations of who this song is about, we tell them it is 100 percent about her angel boyfriend of one year,” a fan who attended the special event wrote on Tumblr. “This isn’t a secret; she wanted us to tell people.”

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