Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker’s Best Quotes About Marriage and Family

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Talk about relationship goals! Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker give Us all the feels whenever they talk about their strong marriage and family life.

The couple, who share Vivianne, Eric II and Forrest, have been open about their parenting journey and making time for each other amid their busy schedules.

Scroll down to revisit their most heartfelt quotes about love and family!

Proud Papa

Eric raved about Jessie’s parenting skills shortly after the couple welcomed their first child. “Parenthood is definitely an adjustment itself, but it’s just the most beautiful thing. [Jessie]’s a great mother,” he gushed to E! News in July 2014. “Obviously, it’s changed what she’s able to do. She’s got to breast-feed, she’s got to be around, the baby needs her more than she needs me at this point, and she’s loving it though.”

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Dad on Duty

As a first time parent, Eric told E! News in July 2014 that he had concerns. “You’re so uncertain. You’re so nervous and anxious that you’ll do something wrong, but, like, those instincts take over,” he said at the time. “You just figure it out.”

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Man Candy

Jessie can’t get enough of the former wide receiver’s hot bod. “As soon as I saw him naked, I had a no clothes rule in our house,” she told ESPN’s His & Hers in December 2015. “But now that we have children, he has to keep his pants on.”

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Her Biggest Fan

Eric expressed his pride for Jessie’s music career. “I’ve got a lot of respect for a lot of musicians, especially when they perform live, because it’s really hard with the crowd noise and you’ve got to be able to hear your band, so what my wife does, I gotta lot of respect for,” he told the NFL Network in May 2016.

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Making Time

The Just Jessie author revealed exclusively to Us in September 2016 that she and the athlete schedule sex. “We plan these nights. I’ll send him a message and be like, ‘Babe, it’s on tonight!’ Life gets really crazy with kids and schedules are hard, but couples need to be intimate,” she explained. “You have to find that time to connect with your partner.”

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Perfect Pair

“Eric is the best. I know women say that about their husbands all the time, but I cannot stress it enough,” the country songstress exclusively told Us Weekly of her hunky hubby in September 2017. “He’s honestly the best. He just blows me away every day. He just doesn’t do anything wrong … We are still madly in love with each other and I’m crazy about him. I can’t imagine not being that way.”

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Family of Five

“He wanted it,” Jessie exclusively told Us in October 2017 of Eric convincing her to expand their brood. “He’s the one that was pushing this. He’s very excited, he’s always wanted a big family. He loves me pregnant. It’s one of his favorite times. he told me, ‘I just love you pregnant. It’s my favorite. I love your belly. I love everything about it.’”

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Always Faithful

The former football player slammed cheating reports via Twitter in September 2018. “Sorry lady the only club I’ve been jammin is the Mickey Mouse Club House! (That’s a kids tv show for the non parents),” he replied to a woman who claimed her friends have seen him out at clubs sans Jessie. “Make sure your ‘friends’ check their facts.”

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Motherhood on the Mind

The “Lights Down Low” crooner isn’t worried about getting her body back after welcoming her third child. “I just honestly don’t think about it. As soon as I had kids … Whenever they’re babies like that, you just don’t think about it … I mean, I don’t personally because it’s not a priority,” she exclusively told Us in September 2018. “My priority is to take care of them and feed them and get as much sleep as possible. It’s just my mindset doesn’t go there.”

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Parenting Pro

Jessie clapped back at the mom-shamers while speaking exclusively to Us in September 2018. “It was bananas,” she said of the criticism she received for sharing a photo of herself drinking wine while breast-feeding. “A lot of people had a problem with it. I have three children. I know what I’m doing now. And it’s totally OK to toast to a celebration and have a drink while you’re breast-feeding.”

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Keeping the Spark Alive

Jessie shared the no-brainer secret behind the success of her marriage to Eric in April 2019. “We just like each other and I think that just goes a long way,” she told Us at JustFab’s Boots and Brunch. “We’ve always liked each other and it makes things easier and fun. We have such a great relationship and marriage and I feel very blessed. … We’re just very in sync with one and another.”

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Match Made in Heaven

“She’s such a perfect complement to me, because a lot of times I can get more serious … and she’s so free spirited,” Eric raved to Us in August 2019. “I just found that she brings kind of that enthusiasm to the house and kind of the light-hearted energy that I think is so important to just enjoy, you know, the moments that we have.”

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Bringing Out the Best in Each Other

The former NFL player told Us in August 2019 that his spouse challenges him to be better. “As an athlete … you’re very structured. … [She has] helped me become a better man and to become a better husband, father, all those things.”


A Deeper Bond

The athlete revealed to Us in August 2019 that the couple’s bond was strengthened by their three children. “The fact that she became the mother of my children … just that appreciation and that really deep love, you know, for what she’s gone through and the mother she is … our relationship has grown a lot deeper in that sense,” he gushed. “So, honestly I love her … and our relationship just keeps blossoming and just keeps getting deeper as we get older.”

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