Meet Team USA Competing at Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Meet Team USA! The 2020 Tokyo Olympics might be a year away, but that doesn’t mean the team representing the U.S. isn’t beginning to take form. Just look at wrestler Jordan Burroughs who is already training for the games.

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“Every time I go to the Olympic Games or any tournament that I compete in, my goal is to always win,” the Olympic gold medalist, 31, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “But I think that the Olympics is so cool because of everything surrounding it, the media attention, the marketing, the branding, but also just being aligned with some of the best athletes in the world.”

Burroughs is excited to not only represent Team USA in the worldwide competition for the third time, but also to be able to further his legacy.

“I would really love to get the opportunity to meet some of the people that I’ve become fans of watching throughout the years,” he continues. “People that I only see on TV and just get a chance to go to Tokyo, Japan for the first time and really solidify myself as one of the greats that this sport has ever seen in freestyle wrestling as a two time Olympic gold medalist. It would be pretty special.”

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Another athlete preparing for the games is rock climber Ashima Shiraishi, who tells Us it’d be a “huge honor” to be able to represent her country. And when it comes to being a female rock climber, she admits that she thinks the sports community is moving in a “good direction.”

She adds: “More girls are being introduced to sports and there’s more opportunities and athletes are given credit for what they’ve been able to accomplish and getting what they deserve to get out of that.”

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Ashima Shiraishi

Age: 18

Sport: Climbing

Hype Song: Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”

Climbing might not be the first sport you’d expect a New York City girl to get into, but Shiraishi tells Us that at age 6, “I started just playing around on the rocks in Central Park, and then it became an obsession. I started traveling for it and competing and now I’m here.” A two-time winner of the U.S. National Championships, she says that before every climb, her dad reminds her to have “a strong and quiet soul.” 

Larry Clouse/CSM/Shutterstock

Carissa Moore

Age: 26

Sport: Surfing

Pump-Up Music: Anything by Kacey Musgraves

Life’s a beach when you’re a surfer and so is training for the Olympics! “The best way to practice is to be out in the water. It’s a lot of fun, so it doesn’t feel like training,” the Hawaii native, who started surfing at age 5, tells Us. In her spare time, Moore hikes and does yoga with her husband, Luke, and runs an organization called Moore Aloha, which uses surfing as a platform to bring girls together and “think outside of themselves.” 

MADE NAGI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Tom Schaar

Age: 19

Sport: Skateboarding

Hype Song: “A$AP Forever” by A$AP Rocky

The best advice Schaar ever got was, “You’ll have a million more contests to do, so if you mess up at one, it’s not going to matter that much.” The shrug-it-off philosophy worked, because at 14 Schaar became the youngest-ever Big Air gold medalist at the X Games and the first person to ever land a 1080 in competition! Of course, the Olympics are slightly higher stakes, but Schaar doesn’t seem particularly intimidated. He recently binged Stranger Things in a day!

Grant Hindsley/AP/Shutterstock

Alex Johnson

Age: 30

Sport: Climbing

Her Inspiration: Serena Williams

Johnson thought she’d be too old to compete in climbing’s first Olympic event, but now, she tells Us, 2019 has been so epic for women’s sports, “I feel like I’m in the middle of this huge movement.”

Larry Clouse/CSM/Shutterstock

Kolohe Andino

Age: 25

Sport: Surfing

Favorite Team: L.A. Lakers

“Surfing is interesting because you lose 80 percent of the time,” Cali native Andino tells Us. Luckily, he has a great support system: wife Maddie, who he’s been with since he was 16!

MADE NAGI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Brighton Zeuner

Age: 15

Sport: Skateboarding

Celeb Crush: Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science

Skate like a girl? Yep! In 2017, at just 14, Zeuner became the youngest-ever X Games champ. Her secret? “If I’m not wearing a cute outfit, then I won’t skate well,” she tells Us


Courtesy of Brighton Zeuner/Instagram

Erik Kynard

Age: 28

Sport: Track & Field

Celeb Crush: Jorja Smith

Being a high jumper requires focus, but the two-time Olympian tells Us it also helps to be a dreamer: “You can’t live in reality. You’re always trying to jump higher than” before. Game of Thrones does the trick for him!


Lee Jin-Man/AP/Shutterstock