Meghan McCain Slams Kourtney Kardashian for Crying Over 40th B-Day

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Not at all enthused. The ladies of The View discussed a recent Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip on Tuesday, July 9, and had a lot to say about Kourtney Kardashian breaking down over getting older — especially Meghan McCain.

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After playing a sneak peek for an upcoming episode of the hit reality show in which Kourtney cries over the fact she’s about to turn 40, Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t hide her disdain as she reacted by dropping to the floor and rolling her eyes.

McCain, 34, opted to be more vocal about her feelings towards the Poosh founder’s comments. “I’m in my 30s, man, and I’m with Whoopi on this,” the Dirty Sexy Politics author said. “Not to be, like, Debbie Downer on this — you have all the money, opportunities, life advantages in the entire world. There are people that can’t feed their children.”

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And McCain wasn’t done then. “I do not feel bad for her,” she added. “Have some self-reflection on this. It’s a bad look for you, Kourtney.”

When Joy Behar tried to bring levity to the topic, McCain — who is the daughter of the late Senator John McCain — wasn’t having it.

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“Well since I’m the oldest one on the panel, I know a little something about this,” 76-year-old Behar said. “I’m saying that it’s an inside job, it has nothing to do with your external life, it has nothing to do with how much money you’ve got and how many diamond rings and how big your behind is.”

Meghan fired back: “But you know what helps me when I feel sorry for myself? Running with veterans who have lost limbs for our country. Seeing people and homeless people that have much less than me. There are ways to make yourself feel better and know how blessed we all are. And the Kardashians are worth $100 million, if not more. Billions, whatever, I don’t know.”

The clip was released on Monday, July 8, and is pegged to the next season of the E! show. In the video, Kourtney can be seen getting visibly upset as she talks to her sisters about the milestone birthday.

“I do think that turning 40, it almost makes you analyze where you’re at in your life, and it’s giving me anxiety,” the eldest Kardashian explained. “Now that I’m doing Poosh, I always wish I had more time, but I feel like I wanna cry.”

After Khloé Kardashian attempted to give Kourtney a hug, the mom of three added: “I have so much and I should just be so happy. I mean, I am but sometimes, it really makes you really analyze where you’re at and sometimes, I’m like, ‘What am I doing?’ Sometimes, like, I’ll just do stupid s–t to distract [myself from] really thinking about stuff that’s maybe more important.”