‘Pump Rules’ Wedding! Everything We Know About Jax and Brittany’s Nuptials

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Raise your glasses high — Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are getting hitched! The Vanderpump Rules stars are currently planning their dream wedding.

Jax, 39, proposed to Brittany, 30, with a 3-carat diamond ring at an outdoor restaurant in Malibu in June 2018. The SUR bartender opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about the proposal after it aired on season 7 of the Bravo series.

“The location is just a place that we went to a few times and we really like it. It’s a place that my father, when he visited here, he really, really loved,” Jax told Us. “This place is called Neptune Net, which is a very cool, like fish shack place. … You can see the sun setting, the dolphins are out and surfers, so it’s kind of just fun to have some crabs and dinner there, so I thought I would do it there just because it meant so much to me and my father and us. It had a lot of meaning all around.”

The duo, who started dating in 2015, also spoke to Us about overcoming challenges in their relationship, including Jax being unfaithful.

“It is hard, trust me, and there are still days, sometimes, when you can’t help but think of horrible things from the past,” Brittany explained. “But for the most part, we’ve moved mountains in this relationship. I feel like we’re almost starting over, but we’ve grown so much. He does things before I even ask him now. Even just helping around the house. I can just tell in our everyday lives that he’s changed.”

Scroll through to find out everything we know about the nuptials — and keep checking for more information as the date approaches!

The Wedding Bands

Jax and Brittany returned to jeweler Kyle Chan, who designed the SURver’s engagement ring, for their wedding bands. “Picked up the wedding bands today!!” the bartender tweeted on May 29. “Thank you as always @KyleChanDesignyou did an amazing job!!” 

Courtesy of Brittany Cartwright/Instagram

The Location

Jax and Brittany are tying the knot at The Kentucky Castle, in Versailles, Kentucky. The SUR waitress, who grew up in Kentucky, revealed on Vanderpump Rules that she has always wanted to get married at the venue. 

Courtesy Brittany Cartwright/Instagram

The Date

The twosome are set to wed during summer 2019, which is when the cast will likely be filming season 8 of the show. 


Aude Guerrucci/Getty Images

The Bridesmaids

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute and Scheana Shay told Us in November 2018 that they will serve as bridesmaids. Later that month, Brittany confirmed to Us that they are in the wedding party, but wanted to keep her other costars’ involvement a surprise for the time being. 


Lala Kent, however, spilled in the beans to Us in April 2019, revealing she was also a bridesmaid. The “Boy” singer also told Us that the bridesmaid dresses were “hot” and “phenomenal.” 


Brittany also asked Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix to be bridesmiads. She named Katie Maloney her matron of honor.

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The Guest List

After James Kennedy, his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss,and Billie Lee spoke about the wedding on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in February 2019, Kristen shut down their hopes of being included at the nuptials. “Okay, so: James, Raquel, and Billie Lee are ? not invited to Brittany & Jax’s wedding,” she tweeted, signing the post, “Kisses, Kristen.” 

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

No Prenup

Brittany revealed that the couple will not be signing prenuptial agreement before they get married. “I mean, we’ve talked about it, but … yeah. We don’t think we want to,” she said on WWHL.

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Shredding for the Wedding

“We’re ready to be the best us yet for the wedding,” Brittany told Us in November 2018. “Like, I just want to be so happy, so healthy. It’s going to be the perfect day.” Jax previously revealed he’s lost 30 pounds, while Brittany has dropped 25 pounds.

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The Officiate

While fans thought the couple might pick Lisa Vanderpump to officiate their wedding like costars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney did, they opted for a pastor from Kentucky. After the pastor came under fire for allegedly saying anti-LGBTQ remarks, Brittany defended her choice on WWHL. “I’m not going to say too much, but I will say that I’m a huge supporter and always will be of the LGBTQ community, and no matter what, I would never try to ever make anybody feel uncomfortable,” she explained. “I talked to him myself and he promised me that he was not that way, that he was not saying anything about the community whatsoever. I’ve known this man for years, and if it was anything that I felt otherwise, I would never choose somebody like that.” 


Months later, the twosome came under fire again for Ryan Dotsons remarks and opted to switch officiates. “We already took care of this so I would appreciate it if people would quit trying to spread rumors like we don’t care and aren’t supporters when you guys have no clue how we feel or the fact that we have already changed,” the SURver tweeted on June 12. “I’m focused on marrying the man I love. Nothing else.” 

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May the Best Man Win

While Jax initially named Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval his co-best men, Stassi revealed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in April that Sandoval may no longer have the honor after the reunion. In the trailer for the three-part special, the bride and groom-to-be went head to head with Sandoval because he was sticking up for James. 

Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Invites Are Out

“Invitations have been sent out today!!! Thank god that is done!!! ? #jaxandbrittany,” the SUR bartender tweeted on May 1.

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The Tribute

The couple told Us at the Vanderpump Dog Foundation’s 4th annual World Dog Day in May 2019 that they will be honoring the groom’s late father, Ronald Cauchi, who died of cancer in December 2017. “He’ll definitely have a chair,” Cartwright said, with Taylor adding that he had “some ideas” on how else to pay tribute to his dad at their ceremony. 


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The Name

The couple told Entertainment Tonight in May 2019 that they will take Taylor’s real surname of Cauchi following their wedding, in part to honor his father Ronald’s memory. “It’ll be our family name,” the SUR bartender quipped. “For sure … our kids will have my last name.”

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