Campaign sign season: MDOT warns of improper placement

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We’re three months away from the primary elections in Mississippi, and that means campaign signs are going to continue to pop up across the state.

With that in mind, the Mississippi Department of Transportation is reminding everyone that it is illegal to place these sings on any state highway right-of-way.

A press release from MDOT outlines all of the guidelines that campaign signs must follow in an effort to ensure safety for the motoring public.

  • According to Section 63-3-317 of the Mississippi Code of 1972 Annotated, it is illegal to place signs within the right-of-way on state highways.
  • The width of highway right-of-way varies by location and includes the driving lanes, shoulders and mowed areas; the right-of-way can potentially reach distances of 300 feet or more from the centerline of driving lanes.
  • Keeping the right-of-way clear prevents safety hazards and interference with the traveling public along roadways. Signs with steel or wooden posts pose potential hazards that may cause harm to roadside workers, may damage roadside equipment and may become projectiles if hit by mowers.
  • Signs are not permitted within areas necessary for clear vision at intersections; signs must not interfere with the sight distance of a driver.
  •  No signs are allowed in limited access right-of-way.
  • Typically, the right-of-way is larger near roadway intersections.
  •  Any illegally placed signs will be removed.
  • Signs removed by MDOT crews will be kept for two weeks at a local MDOT maintenance facility before being discarded.
  • Candidates may retrieve signs from MDOT without penalty.
  • Illegally placed campaign signs contribute to our state’s $3.2 million litter problem that spoils Mississippi’s natural beauty.
  • For information about right-of-way distances in specific areas along a state-maintained highway, call your local MDOT maintenance facility.

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