Stars — They're Just Like Us!

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Stars — They’re Just Like Us!

They Chow Down!

Please do feed the models! Kendall Jenner digs into lunch with pals in LA, March 5.


They Bring The Party!

 “Pure joy,” Allison Janney says about picking up a bundle of balloons in LA, March 3.


They Pick Up Dry Cleaning!

Laundry day! Scout Willis grabs her garments from the cleaners in LA, March 4.


They Pump Iron!

“My first five reps, I’m fine. But for rep eight, nine, 10, I think ‘Wolverine,’” Hugh Jackman says of his weightlifting motivation strategy (pictured in Sydney, March 2).


They Get Parking Tickets!

After finding a citation on his car, Ben Affleck snaps a picture of the scene in Brentwood, Calif., February 26.


They Go Through Security!

Olivia Munn collects her belongings at LAX airport in L.A., February 26.


They Pamper Themselves!

Gwen Stefani makes sure her manicure is on point in LA, February 26.

Snorlax / MEGA

They Test Out Makeup!

Nikki Reed searches for the perfect shade of foundation at Sephora in Studio City, Calif., February 25.

Snorlax / MEGA

They Go Fishing!

Catching some dinner? Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky cast a line in Byron Bay, Australia, February 21. / MEGA

They Shop At Target!

Channing Tatum stocks up on all things fluffy — including a blanket, pillow and beanbag in LA, February 20.


They Walk And Talk!

Important call? Cameron Diaz chats on the phone while at the grocery store in NYC, February 19.


They Stay Hydrated!

Ashton Kutcher sips from a bottle of water in Carpinteria, Calif., February 17.


They Stop To Text!

Sending a Valentine’s Day note to Evan Peters? Emma Roberts paused on the street to key in a message in NYC, February 14.


They Laugh At Greeting Cards!

Must have been clever! Oscar nominee Sam Elliott chuckles while picking out a card in Beverly Hills, February 13.


They Walk Their Dogs!

Brooklyn Beckham takes his pooch Fig for a stroll in London, February 11.


They Go Running!

Though she likes Burn 60, Body by Simone classes and The Mirror to stay in shape, Reese Witherspoon sometimes opts for a simple jog with a pal (pictured in Brentwood, Calif., February 12).


They Buy Groceries!

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani check out the seafood counter at Bristol Farms supermarket in LA, February 9. “They were super lovey” during the outing, an onlooker tells Us.

Marksman / MEGA

They Ride The Subway!

This superhero uses public transportation! Sebastian Stan takes the 6 train in NYC, February 7.


They Pick Up Groceries!

Luke Wilson stocks up on dog food in LA, February 6.


They Go Through Security!

Jenna Dewan wears her “favorite sweatsuit” at the airport in LA, February 5.


They Add A Massage To Their Pedi!

No fancy spa for this gal! Bethenny Frankel gets the nail-place treatment in NYC, February 4.


They Clean Up!

After a muddy four-wheeling excursion, Dax Shepard hoses off his ride in LA, February 3.

Snorlax / MEGA

They Hail A Cab!

Perfect form! Brooke Shields knows how to flag down a taxi, in NYC, February 3.


They Shop ‘Til They Drop!

Retail therapy puts a smile on Chrissy Teigen’s face. Not so relatable? Her $690 Fendi slides (pictured in LA, January 30).

BG002/ / MEGA

They Ride The Subway!

Nicky Hilton uses public transportation to get where she needs to go (pictured in NYC, January 29).


They Buy Medicine!

Even celebs get sick! Joshua Jackson browses the pharmacy section of a grocery store in LA, January 30.


They Play Around!

Malin Akerman is a fun mom! She gets in on the action at the playground with her 5-year-old son, Sebastian, in LA, January 30.

Marksman/Snorlax / MEGA

They Grab Smoothies!

Kate Hudson opts for a healthy treat (pictured in LA, January 22) after declaring she’s “looking to shed 25 pounds” of baby weight. The actress welcomed daughter Rani in October.


They Feed The Meter!

Rumer Willis avoids a parking ticket in LA, January 22.


They Pick Up A Loaf Of Bread!

 “If I have a day off, I’ll have eggs and bacon and toast,” says Emma Roberts. “I adore classic breakfast foods.” (Pictured in LA, January 17)

Marksman/ Snorlax / MEGA

They Get Takeout!

Tiffany Haddish grabs some food to go in LA, January 17.


They Need Their Caffeine!

Pals Milo Ventimiglia and Wilmer Valderrama catch up over coffee in LA, January 15.

Marksman/ Snorlax / MEGA

They Fight Tickets!

 Such a royal pain! While walking his dog, James Middleton (Duchess Kate’s brother) argues with an officer over his parking spot in London, January 14.

Warner/Butler MEGA

They Shop For Books!

Rachel Bilson picks up a copy of Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes — perhaps a gift for daughter Briar, 4 — in LA, January 5.


They Dig In!

“I have kind of an iron stomach,” Joey Fatone (who owns a hot dog joint called Fat Ones) has said (pictured in Universal City, Calif., January 9).

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

They Pump Their Own Gas!

Derek Hough hits the self-service lane to fill up in LA, January 8. / MEGA

They Go To Broadway Shows!

“They seemed happy and just like any other couple going to the theater — except for all the Secret Service!” a source tells Us of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who saw Broadway’s Choir Boy on opening night in NYC, January 8.

Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

They Go On Coffee Runs!

A cheerful Kelsey Grammer has his hands full while out and about in LA, January 8.


They Hit Up The Farmers’ Market!

“I usually opt for something healthy wherever I go,” Whitney Port (sampling the goods in Studio City, Calif., January 6) says.


They Go Food Shopping!

Despite his filled-to-the-brim shopping cart (pictured in Brentwood, Calif., January 6), Chris Pratt insists, “I can make three things. Meat. Omelets. Fajitas.”


They Walk Their Dogs!

 An incognito Gavin Rossdale multitasks, taking a call as his dog plays in the grass in L.A., January 5.


They Pack Up Their Own Purchases!

 “I love grocery shopping. I have to go down every aisle,” Lucy Hale says (pictured in L.A., January 2).

BG015/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

They Lug Firewood!

“I’ve always fancied myself a tough guy. I grew up scrappy,” Scott Caan has said (pictured in Malibu, January 1).


They Make Sure To Stay Dry!

 “We’ve got English weather; makes me feel at home,” Sting quipped on New Year’s Eve, in NYC. “My wife and I have his-and-hers slickers, and I took hers out.”

Jose Perez/

They Go On Bike Rides!

Heidi Klum and fiancé Tom Kaulitz — who announced their engagement Dec. 24 — enjoy a fun-filled day together in L.A., December 29.


They Push Their Luggage!

Ed Westwick has his hands full at LAX following a trip in LA, December 27.


They Enjoy Water Sports!

Simon Cowell takes on the waves while on holiday with family in Barbados, December 20.


They Go On Lunch Dates!

“I never eat at home,” Emily Ratajkowski says. Staying true to her word, the model chows down during an outing with a pal in LA, December 20.


They Pile On The Layers!

It’s winter in NYC but spring wherever she’s headed! Helena Christensen has her hands full following a trip to the store in NYC, December 19.


They Shop Till They Drop!

“I don’t think we have to accept the assignment of aging, that all of a sudden you’re supposed to be dowdy,” Sharon Stone says (Pictured in Beverly Hills, December 19).

Bris / MEGA

They Walk Their Dogs!

Liev Schreiber enjoys a stroll with one of the two rescue dogs he adopted after they were displaced by Hurricane Harvey, in NYC, December 19.

They Grab Fast Food!

She’s lovin’ it! Kendall Jenner patiently waits for her McDonald’s order with a pal in London, December 10.


They Go Biking!

“Movement vitally important, but I don’t love routine, so I mix it up,” Goldie Hawn says about her workout plan (Pictured in LA, December 10).


They Get Overwhelmed!

“The holidays are manic. We give and we give and we give. It’s all about everybody else, at least in my house, especially being a working mother,” Brooke Burke tells Us (Pictured in NYC, December 10).

Michael Simon/Startraks

They Enjoy Happy Hour!

“I’ve always been very lucky in my drinking excursions,” says Mila Kunis. “They’ve always been very positive.” (Pictured in Chicago, December 5)

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for Jim Beam

They Let Their Creative Juices Flow!

“I’m more inspired by images than I am anything sonic,” says Sza (at the “29Rooms” exhibition in LA, December 4).

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Refinery29

They Dig Into Sweet Treats!

A mouse-ear-wearing Jordana Brewster goes for the gold — er, make that pink — at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., December 4.

Snorlax/Marksman / MEGA

They Schlep Their Own Luggage!

I think travel has been the No. 1 influencer in my sense of style,” Padma Lakshmi says. “It’s opened me up to so much.” (Pictured in LA, December 3)

Michael Simon/

They Pump Their Own Gas!

A bombshell in a bomber jacket! Isla Fisher hides behind oversize shades to fuel up in LA, December 3. / MEGA

They Play Sports!

 Foul for traveling! Kendra Wilkinson shows off her jacked arms on the basketball court in Calabasas, Calif., November 28.


They Do Work At Cafes!

Fred Savage makes his own alfresco office at a coffee shop in West Hollywod, November 27.


They Choose Their Decor!

“I can remember around [the age of] 10, defending the idea of Father Christmas in the playground,” Amy Poehler says of her holiday spirit (pictured in Beverly Hills, November 27).

Bris / MEGA

They Enjoy A Glass Of Wine!

Prince Charles makes his own happy hour during a visit to Ely Market Place in East Anglia, U.K., November 27.

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

They Make Coffee Runs!

Early bird Dakota Johnson gets her caffeine fix for the day in Studio City, Calif., November 27.


They Wear Workout Gear!

  “It has to feel good —I’m in the gym five days a week,” Wiz Khalifa says of his fitness attire (pictured in West Hollywood, November 27).


They Wait In Line!

“It’s very rare I get to travel with [just] a carry-on. But when I do, it’s usually for a weekend getaway, which puts a smile on my face!” Maria Sharapova says (pictured in LA, November 27).


They Go For Jogs!

“I have to work out just to look fat,” funnyman Will Ferrell jokes (pictured in LA, November 28).


They Pay To Park!

Nobody likes parking tickets, including Dakota Johnson, who makes sure to feed the meter before a lunch meeting in LA, November 19.


They Eat While They Work!

Krysten Ritter has a snack attack on set in NYC, November 19.

Humberto Carreno/

They Take Selfies!

Even a stunner like Jenna Dewan searches for the perfect angle when she’s on her phone in LA, November 18. / MEGA

They Shop Local!

Sasha Farber — who married Dancing With the Stars costar Emma Slater in March — browses the goods at a farmers’ market in LA, November 18.


They Buy Groceries!

Pop stars need to eat too! A cozy- looking Gwen Stefani stocks up on essentials at the supermarket in Beverly Hills, November 18.


They Push Their Luggage!

Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne hauls an array of bags — including one that looks a bit like his alter ego Newt Scamander’s — in LA, November 17. / MEGA

They Pick Out Decorations!

Ali Larter kicks off the holiday shopping season at Marshalls in NYC, November 14.

Michael Simon

They Go To The Drugstore!

No assistant needed! Steve Carell browses a Duane Reade while in town to host SNL, in NYC, November 14.


They Play Jenga!

Check out those nerves of steel. Jaime King stays cool under pressure while trying not to topple the stack, in NYC, November 13.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Bumble

They Get A Slice To Go!

“I’m the king of food,” Jonathan Cheban tells Us. “I eat out three to four meals a day.” Guess pizza on the street counts as eating out! (Pictured in LA, November 13).


They Pump Their Own Gas!

“My first car was a Hyundai Excel,” Common — who has since upgraded to fancier wheels — tells Us (Pictured in LA, November 12).

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

They Bundle Up!

When the weather outside turns frightful, Bethenny Frankel stays warm with lots of layers (Pictured in the Hamptons, New York, November 11).


They Multitask!

Chace Crawford rocks a Hi-Tec Phantom Half-Zip while taking a break from walking his dog in LA, November 6.

Michael Simon/

They Get Worked Up Over Sports!

Ellie Goulding expresses her dismay at a Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks game in NYC, November 5.

James Devaney/Getty Images

They Get Caught In The Rain!

“I never do the tourist thing and instead opt to delve into the local culture and just soak in my surroundings,” Shannen Doherty (on vacation in Italy, November 4) has said of traveling.

Agostino Fabio/MEGA

They Sample Before Buying!

Sarah Hyland tries out the goods at a farmers’ market in LA, November 4.


They Lug Groceries!

“I really, truly love cooking so much,” says Dakota Johnson (after a supermarket run in LA, November 4).


They Use Ego-Friendly Bags!

“If we want to have good health, we must eat good,” says Cameron Diaz (Pictured in LA, November 4).


They Pump Their Own Gas!

An unrecognizable Adrien Brody sports a shaggy look at a pit stop in LA, November 3.


They Enjoy Healthy Drinks!

“I get to walk out of my place and have everything I could possibly need right in front of me,” Sienna Miller (toting a green juice in NYC, November 1) says of living in the Big Apple.


They Get Injuries!

“I have bad luck shooting on bikes,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt says of his nasty fall while on the set of Power, in New Orleans, October 31. (In 2012, he was hurt while filming Premium Rush on a bicycle.)


They Soak Up The Sun!

The good life! Amber Rose takes in the view —and some R&R— beachside with a pal in Miami, October 29.


They Handle Their Bags!

“When I’m not working, I’m pretty basic,” says a luggage-lugging Lily Collins (Pictured in Burbank, Calif., October 24).

Snorlax / MEGA

They Grab Food To Go!

A slipper-wearing Margot Robbie has her hands full following a trip to an Italian restaurant in LA, October 23.


They Buy In Bulk!

Ariel Winter (picking up pet supplies) tells Us that life with three dogs at home is “very chaotic” (Pictured in Hollywood, October 24).


They Browse Around!

“I wish I could say my style is always effortless, but it’s definitely not always as effortless as it looks,” Rosie Huntington- Whiteley says of her fashion sense (Pictured in LA, October 24).


They Handle Their Own Luggage!

“I can sleep on an airplane like a boss,” Amy Poehler writes in her book Yes Please, joking that she looks forward to travel for that reason (Pictured in LA, October 24). / MEGA

They Multitask!

Britney Spears’ beau, Sam Asghari, flaunts his muscles while struggling to do a balancing act at the checkout line in LA, October 22.


They Play Around!

Moms can have fun too! Kendra Wilkinson stopped by a park with her children and got in on the action herself in LA, October 22.


They Buy Fresh Produce!

At the farmers market, Rachel McAdams makes sure her fruit is ripe in L.A., October 21.


They Skate Around!

Ruby Rose looks cool rolling along on her skateboard in L.A., October 19.


They Pay For Parking!

Matthew McConaughey settles up while sporting a Band-Aid on his arm in Beverly Hills, October 16.


They Knock One Back!

Bottoms up! Prince Charles has a spot of whiskey at Royal Lochnagar Distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, October 16.

Jane Barlow/PA Images/

They Fix Their Bikes!

He’s handy! Vikings star Alexander Ludwig stops to fix his ride in Venice Beach, Calif., October 16.

Jesse Bauer/

They Stock Up On Groceries!

Julia Roberts brightens her shopping cart with some yellow tulips in Malibu, October 16.