Treasurer Fitch awards six college savings scholarships

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Over the weekend, State Treasurer Lynn Fitch hosted the Race to College contest during the Mississippi High School Activities Association State Baseball Championships.

“Nationally, total student loan debt is $1.56 trillion,” said Fitch. “That’s over $500 billion more than the nation’s total credit card debt, and it’s not only weighing individual graduates down but also holding back money that could be growing our economy. College Savings Mississippi gives families the opportunity to save through tax-advantaged accounts so that students can graduate with less or even no debt at all.”
Two contestants were randomly chosen from entrants to participate in each race. Each contestant raced to designated stations to submit a mock 529 college savings account application, deposit funds into their 529 account, put on a backpack to go to college, and finally received their cap and gown to run back to the starting line. The first to finish each relay won a $529 MACS scholarship.
“College Savings Mississippi and I couldn’t have been more excited to give out over $3,150 in MACS scholarships this weekend at the MHSAA State Baseball Championships,” said Fitch. “Events like these not only promote this important savings option but even help jumpstart some savers. The MHSAA has been a great partner in raising awareness for Mississippi families of the need to start saving for their children’s education.”

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